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Schuyler Signs and Brinker have been partners in what sets Chilis visually apart from all others since 1982. We support all locations, nationally and internationally. 


Schuyler Signs has been synonymous with Brinker International since 1982. Together, these two entities have collaborated creatively to deliver the most innovative and striking signage in the industry. The partnership is founded on shared core values, world class customer service, and the undeniable quality of our products. And can you believe it all started with a single conversation when our founders, Dick and Sherry Schuyler, approached a Chili’s store manager with one question: “Are you happy with your sign company?” This led us to where we are today, 42 years later. A fun fact, Dick used to hand-paint every sign for Chili’s, including the iconic peppers on the buildings.


We remain a family-owned, veteran-owned company that has become a pioneer in innovation for visual marketing and signage. Four generations of the Schuyler family have worked at our headquarters in Aubrey, TX. Erik Schuyler oversees daily operations, focusing on quality control, facilities, production, logistics, and corporate accounts. Jamie Schuyler leads customer experience, new business development, and our graphic arts department. Our entire team is a group of loyal & dedicated craftsman., filled with pride in your stores. 


Our mission remains unchanged, and our core principles are steadfast. All our products are 100% American-made from raw materials. Each sign is made to order in house from cutting the material, painting, printing, fabricating, packaging, and shipping with the same care as our very first product placed in a Chili's for the world to enjoy. Every sign you receive has been crafted with care, not just produced, this has earned us the highly coveted Brinker Vendor of the Year Award twice.!


We extend our gratitude & thanks to Brinker, our HQ partners, and all of you (past and present) for what we have accomplished together. It's been a wild ride & a spectacular journey. We look forward to the many years to come, creating & helping you as your vendor.

RED HOT & Vibes.... 

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